Once a year during the Paris Fashion Week, FashionDivisionId holds a unique event showcasing the work of Independant Fashion Designers.

They are selected by a panel of judges based on multiple criteria such as the uniqueness, the brand authenticity and the design quality in collaboration with our French Fashion Show producer: Fashion Division Paris. We are also proud to count a  several designers in France and Indonesia supporting our initiatives.

For new and existing designers who want to capture a demand quickly in the Fashion Capital, this event is the ideal way to promote their brands and earn a spotlight in fashion global scene. It is also a unique chance to be seen by the VIP guests from Fashion industry and many others.

The guests attending are Buyers, Department store owners, fashion media, bloggers, and influencers. Are you ready to conquer the fashion world? Contact our Director now via email at info@fashiondivisionid.com

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